I am one of 334,125 Emilys

in the United States. And, well, that’s not okay. 

It’s the first day of class and the professor starts reading down the roster. New students, fresh faces, shy personalities. As the names are called off, one by one they reach mine.  “Emily Lub—“ 

“It’s Emmy,” I say, without hesitation.

It started back in my small Maryland elementary school where there were four Emily L’s in my class. I had to find a way to stand out. A different hairdo? No, that wasn’t creative enough. It needed to be an attention grabber. It had to be my name. Emmy was new, different and interesting. There would only be one Emmy in class. Me. It was perfect.

Emmy doesn’t just fit my personality, it describes my work. I don’t let my work blend in with anyone else’s. I strive to push boundaries and be as innovative as I possibly can. My work turns heads.

Most people hate standing out in the crowd, but I’ve never known any other way. It’s what motivates me and it’s what makes me, me.